Coastal city to desert living

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve moved to Las Vegas so I thought I’d write up an update as I think I’ve pretty much settled in.  Las Vegas is a huge contrast to San Diego in a lot of ways, but the transition was actually pretty painless as there’s a lot to do here and many of these places never close.  Apart from the beaches, weather, and the breweries, all of which I definitely do miss, there isn’t that much that San Diego has that Las Vegas cannot provide in some fashion.  True, I have yet to experience a Las Vegas summer as a resident, but apart from those very brief instances where I’ll be outside walking from my car to a building, I don’t think it’ll be too bad since AC is everywhere.  The primary difficulty during this transition for me will always be being away from my family and my friends, but I’ve already visited San Diego twice since I’ve moved, so it’s not an issue I cannot manage.

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SD to LV

So I live in Las Vegas now.  I moved out here for a software engineering internship which is going great so far.  My new boss and coworkers are all super nice and helpful too.  I’m especially happy that I get to work on my programming skills every day I come in to work.  With that said, I think of home often.  Fortunately I live relatively close enough that I can visit on the weekends if I’d like, especially since I have Mondays off.

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Sea star

A photo that I took of my sister at Imperial Beach, CA.

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