Play time

It’s not unusual for children to develop imaginary friends, and I was definitely no exception.  My mom says when I was around three years old, I had two of these imaginary friends at our old creepy house in Delaware: an older woman named Mrs. Brown and a little boy named Charlie.  My mom said she’d often hear me talking to the both of them around the house, and she noticed that these instances occurred around a very specific time – 3:00pm.  Kind of peculiar I suppose, but if you think about it, is it really that strange?  Probably not.  Except for this one incident that occurred one day while my mom and I were in the backyard where there are no clocks.

My mother tells me I was just playing around beside her while she hung up our laundry to dry in the afternoon sun, when suddenly I immediately stopped what I was doing, gazed up at a second story window of the house and said, “Mrs. Brown is calling me. I’m going to go inside and play now.”   My mom looked at her watch.  3:00pm.

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Resident Evil 7

I remember as a kid watching my cousin Chris play Resident Evil 2.  It was 1998 and the classic survival horror game had just come out.  For its time, RE2 looked and sounded incredible.  This, in turn, made the playing/watching experience all the scarier, especially for a child.  So, picture 11-year-old me, sitting next to my cousin, observing through the cracks between my fingers, as he evaded and eviscerated gangling virtual zombies in good ol’ Raccoon City.  One of my fondest childhood memories.  When I got older and I got my own Playstation, I would eventually beat RE2 myself, but to be honest, I rather enjoyed watching my cousin do it.  I wonder how that experience would compare to today with the recently released Resident Evil 7?  IN VR MODE?

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