That was fast

I’m going to be 31 this week.  I remember being a little kid and asking my mom how old she was at the time and she said 34.

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Another year

Another year, another birthday.  I am absolutely in adult-age territory now.  It still doesn’t feel like I am, though.  When do you start feeling like an adult?  Is it something that hits you like a ton of bricks?  Or is it more like a gradual fade into adultness?  It seems it varies greatly from person to person.  I asked my mom when she started to feel like an adult and it looks like due to her particular circumstances in the Philippines, she was kind of obligated to become one while she was just a teenager.  Made me feel extremely lucky and grateful to have experienced life as I have thus far.  Thanks, mom and dad.  I owe my entire healthy, happy experience growing up to them.  Recompense is forthcoming.  And I hope that someday I can provide a similar foundation for my future children grow up on, too.

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